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  • 14:57 is HAPPY plurk.com/p/1tioni #
  • 14:58 loves Y tu mama también plurk.com/p/1tip10 #
  • 15:33 Photo: (via hospitalbeds) RUPERTO GRINTO MI AMOR tumblr.com/xzj2zbf3p #
  • 15:40 YOGA KAVINESH IS LAME - I’m currently with paulinasotto, lindseyj0y and rikerachel. We watched The Final... tumblr.com/xzj2zbhpi #
  • 15:43 Photo: hospitalbeds:caffeinenicotine:lolwut OH MY. Repo! The Genetic Opera was one of the strangest films I... tumblr.com/xzj2zbikz #
  • 15:55 realised that she doesn't really like Quentin Tarantino. plurk.com/p/1tj9nt #
  • 16:01 Link: Hipster Runoff: Is it stull authentic to be 'alt'? - I don’t think ‘alt’ is dead. It’s just beginning. tumblr.com/xzj2zbopp #
  • 16:07 Video: via (Hipster Runoff: Is Miracle Whip the Secret Ingredient 4 ‘Individuality’? ) I saw this video and... tumblr.com/xzj2zbr05 #
  • 18:48 You truly want to break out of your regular routine today, but... More for Virgo bit.ly/YAdyK #
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